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Maxim Slaughter is the main antagonist of EcoQuest II: Lost Secret of the Rainforest. Although he was ostensibly a surveyor for Cibola Development, his true goal was to locate the legendary ruined city of Cibola and claim its treasures for himself.

Sometime during his time as a surveyor, Slaughter heard stories and rumors about a lost city and its gold hidden somewhere in the rainforest. Becoming obsessed with wealth, Slaughter gradually neglected his duties as a surveyor and devoted all his resources to locating the lost city by any means necessary. Many of Slaughter's employees, such as Gonzales, were equally greedy and ruthless, gladly following Slaughter in the hope of becoming rich themselves. As a sideline business, Slaughter also illegally captured animals and birds from the rainforest to sell overseas for profit.

Slaughter has destroyed much of the rainforest and disrupted the livelihood of many animals and native people while keeping his superiors at Cibola Development in the dark about his illegal activities. He also kept tabs on anyone or anything that would bring scrutiny to his operations, such as the Ecology Emergency Network. This would be how he learned about Noah Greene.

Learning about Noah's visit to the rainforest, Slaughter ordered a henchman to steal his suitcase in the hope of delaying Noah's activites in the rainforest. The next day, Slaughter led a raid on Forest Heart and its nearby village, burning everything to the ground. During this raid, he captured Adam Greene, Noah's son, who was undergoing a ritual within Forest Heart at the time. Slaugter interrogated Adam about the lost city and later followed him to the ruins of Cibola. There, he was eventually captured and held prisoner until the local authorities were able to arrive and arrest him.

Caring little for anything besides money and personal comfort, Maxim Slaughter is a prime example of excessive greed and selfishness. He also enjoys luxuries, especially goods and trophies made from endangered animals. Slaughter has a great dislike for nature in general and would gladly destroy it in order to achieve his goals.

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